The Summer Vocation of 2019
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The Summer Vocation of 2019


To all the international students,

Please be well noted the following holiday arrangements for the coming Summer Vacation.

SUMMER VACATION will start from 13th July to 6th September ,2019  and Class will start on 9rd September , 2019.  


      1. The student absent from class for more than 1/3 of the total class hour of a subject is not permitted to attend the final exam, and the score of this subject will be marked as zero. As a consequence, students need to take a supplementary exam, even if students passing the exam, the score will be marked as 60 as well.

      2. The student who is absent for more than 1/2 class of any subject for any reason in a semester will not be allowed to attend the final examination and get a written warning punishment. Besides, this course must be retaken with junior students and $300 must be paid for it. Supplementary exam will not be permitted. When the warnings add up to 5 times, the student will be dismissed, and his/her visa will be cancelled immediately.

3.  Please keep safety when you are on your way home, travelling, or on campus.

4.  Please shut off the tap, door, and windows and turn off the electric power when you leave the dormitory.

Best wishes 

                                        IED OFFICE



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