The history of Pizza
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People have been making pizza for a very long time. In th

People have been making pizza for a very long time. In the Stone Age, some people mixed flour with water to make dough. Then they cooked it on hot rocks. Over time, people started using the cooked dough as a plate, covering it with various other foods, herbs, and spices. They had made the world’s first pizza.


Then-in the early 1500s-European explorers brought the first tomatoes back from the Americas. Tomatoes are a basic ingredient in many pizzas today. At first, however, most Europeans thought eating tomatoes would make them sick. So, for about 200 years, few people ate them.


Slowly, people learned that tomatoes were safe to eat, as well as tasty. In the early 19th century, cooks in Naples, Italy, started the tradition of putting tomatoes on baking dough. The flat bread soon became a favorite food for poor people all over Naples. In 1830, a cook in Naples took another big step in the history of pizza-he opened the world’s first pizza restaurant.