Success Is on the Other Side
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   Everybody wants success. Some people aim for it; others just talk about it. We all know what it looks like, when someone else has it. Oftentimes it just seems like something too far out of reach.

    The truth is: Success is closer than you think. It's just on the other side. You have to want it enough, and be willing enough to get it.
    On the other side of fear
    Fear is your biggest obstacle--fear of failure; fear of the judgment of others; fear of actually succeeding. It will trip you up every time. It will cause you to make decisions that may seem "right" at the time, but they're preventing you from actually getting over that wall.
    On the other side of excuses
    Success has no excuses. You either get it or you don't. The minute you find a reason not to take another step towards success is the moment you stop being successful. In the symphony of success, excuses are just noise.
    On the other side of obstacles
    Everyone faces changes; different ones at different times. We all handle the same challenges differently; we all have different results. It's how you handle each one and what you do with you do with the results that count. An obstacle is something you either find a way around or allow to stop you. Remember, you've got to get passed obstacles in order to succeed.
    On the other side of failures
    Not everything works; even if it works for other people, the same thing just doesn't work for us. So what? Failure can either become an obstacle and an excuse or it can become your teacher in what not to do.
    It takes effort, commitment and follow-through.
    They call it a ladder of success for a reason, because you need to climb it in order to get somewhere. It's not an escalator. You have to do the work yourself. Sometimes it will be easy; other times you'll be carrying a heavy load on your shoulders. The ladder remains the same. Success still waits on the other side. It's going to take determination and persistence on your part to get up and over that wall.
    Which side do you want to be on?













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